Never "Sell" Again:
Master the Art of  Discovery Calls

Discover a Proven Script That Converts Inquiries into Bookings

Discovery call script

DiscoverY Call script

You've experienced it: a great discovery call with a couple that seems promising, only to be followed by unexpected silence. It's a common yet frustrating situation for many photographers. No matter how strong strong the personal connection, couples don't book, leaving you wondering what the HECK went wrong!!

The key is not just making a connection, but guiding it towards a commitment. Many miss this super important step, focusing on enjoyable but non-essential topics.

Imagine having a tool that not only fosters client connections but also leads your conversations to actual bookings!!

We're excited to share our tried and tested script with you, a decade in the making, unlocking the potential of every discovery call.

Available for presale and will be released on January 5, 2024 via PDF download.


"You guys are magicians. Thanks to you, I revamped my inquiry process and saw immediate results. Not only did these clients book me without hesitation, but one even chose my highest package, priced significantly higher than before. I'm truly astounded and deeply grateful!"


✔ You frequently experience the frustration of 'ghosting' after what seemed like successful discovery calls

✔ You're looking to convert more inquiries into wedding bookings

✔ You find it weird and awkward to balance personal connection with logistics around hours, pricing, logistics.

✔ You're unsure about which aspects of your photography services to highlight during client interactions. 

✔ You want to maximize your potential but don't know where to start. 

The script is for you if...

Streamline Your Workflow

Build Client Understanding and Connection

Increase in Conversion Rates

Let's Transform Your Business:

Reduce Anxiety & Increase Confidence

Stand Out in Your Market

"I applied their advice to my next five inquiries and booked every single one of them!

After a 5-month dry spell without booking a single wedding, Brad meticulously audited my inquiry process and recommended strategic changes. I applied their advice to my next five inquiries and booked every single one of them! And, one of those bookings even came in at my new, higher rate. I couldn’t believe it.”


Will this script work for my specific style of wedding photography?


Is this script relevant with the ever growing impact of social media?

More than ever.  This script allows you opportunities to actually STAND OUT and connect powerfully with your leads - wherever they are coming from.

Absolutely! Our script is designed with versatility in mind. It's adaptable to various styles and approaches, making sure that you can personalize it to reflect your unique brand and offerings.

How quickly can I expect to see results after using this script?

While individual results can vary, many photographers start seeing a positive change in their conversion rates shortly after implementing the strategies in the script. The key is consistent application and adapting the script to suit each unique client call.

If this is a pre-sale, when will I actually receive the script?

We are working hard on the final elements of the script, making sure that it's bulletproof and immediately applicable for you. You will have it by January 5, 2024 at the latest.

Welcome friend! There's a lot here to take in. Stick around, grab a freebie, and save us to your bookmarks!

Brad & Jen