We absolutely love knowing how protected our gear is in this amazing case! Not only can this case fit into overhead bins on (most) airplanes (which keeps us from having to store gear under the plane or worry about lost luggage…yikes!), it’s also crush-proof, waterproof, and has the ability to be locked with a lock if we choose. It also has roller wheels which makes traveling with this bag easy! If you have a ton of gear, you might have to reconfigure the foam inside a few times to find what works best, but we’re usually able to fit just about everything we need in this bag. For added space and organization, we do have the lid organizer which is super affordable and well worth the money for storing batteries, chargers, and smaller items without having to search through the bag for them!


Another bag that we absolutely fact, it’s become our go-to bag. We’ve been using this bag for about 4-5 years now and can’t say enough great things about it. 

While it’s not crush-proof or water-proof like the Pelican Case, it does provides a little more wiggle room. This bag also can be used as a carry-on and has great security features (like a built in 3-digit lock on the side of the bag to keep your gear secure no matter where you are and front and gear cable locks), a laptop pocket, moveable dividers, a zippered pocket organizer inside, a small organizer pocket on the front, and a tripod carrying strap.


We use AA batteries in our external flashes at just about every single wedding and after years of buying pack after pack of batteries we finally decided to look for an alternative option to save us time and money (as well as trying to be more environmentally conscious). 

We found some great rechargeable batteries that we absolutely love along with a charger that allows us to charge up to 8 batteries at a time. We usually only go through one round of AAs each during a wedding day, but having extra just incase always makes sure we never miss a shot later in the night because batteries died. These can be recharged up to 1000 times!!! Just think of all the things you could do with that extra time and money ;)  


We love these for the same reason we love the Pelican Case 1510! Having our CF and SD cards are in a crush-proof and water-proof case gives us extra piece of mind during a shoot and knowing that if grandma spills some wine on us at the reception, the cards are safe and sound.



There are so many different drives out there, but for sake of performance, security, and ease of use we LOVE these drives. They give us the ability to upload images quickly, have a built in system that keeps the drive cool without a noisy fan, and gives you the ability to “daisy chain” your hard drives (which is a fancy way of saying that we can have multiple hard drives plugged into the ONE thunderbolt port in our computer at the same time! Hello time saver).

Sanho HyperDrive - Memory Card Back Up

This drive is amazing and one of the most essential tools in our toolbelt. It allows us to upload CF or SD cards directly to a backup drive without needing a computer (ah-mazing…right?). For us, on a wedding day or travel shoot (either during downtime or immediately following the shoot) we’ll start the process of backing up each card we’ve shot on during the session/wedding. Since we shoot on dual cards (meaning all images are written to two different cards in our camera), having a backup on the portable hard drive ensures that all images are in at least three places immediately following a session and when we’re away from the office.

If you don’t shoot on dual-cards, we would highly recommend it. If your camera doesn’t give you that option, then having the images backed up on something like this portable drive is even more important to ensure those images are protected!


We discovered this software a couple years ago and it’s completely revolutionized our workflow.  Whenever we ADD a wedding, make changes to files, or reorganize files, SuperDuper! will automatically copy EVERY SINGLE CHANGE to our back up hard drive. 

This saves us so much time from doing twice the work and gives us such peace of mind knowing our files are backed up at all times.

You can also schedule AUTO back up functionality! We schedule our back ups to run every night at 10:00PM. 



Lightroom is the most efficient editing and management software we’ve used in our workflow.  Between the ease of use and ability to create quality presets, we’ve grown to love this program and its impact on our business!


Two words. Game. Changer. There’s no doubt about it- this company has created an INSANE amount of tools to help us photographers focus more on making good images and less on worrying about editing. With a variety of products, VSCO has created presets that emulate professional film (Kodak, Ilford, Fuji, Polaroid, etc). We use their tools with every session and cannot recommend their products enough!



While Lightroom plays an integral role in streamlining our edits as whole, we use Photoshop (as needed) to polish spot corrections, resize individual images, and batch process sizing actions. While that might not seem like a whole lot for this powerful program, there’s no way we could run our business without it! We’ll go into detail below.


Um… hello, time saver. We used to resize every single freakin’ image for our blog in Photoshop. We’re sure you know what we’re talking about. Open Image > Resize > Save As > Close. No more. Blogstomp imports your chosen images, crunches the pixels, and exports them with your desired settings. Using this program we can create a blog in under 15 minutes. You can also easily add watermarks to your images and post images directly to Facebook or Twitter. Here’s how it works:


We love the ease and convenience of being able to deliver session files electronically! WeTransfer might be a good option for any sessions you need to provide a digital delivery for that you don’t want to add into your online gallery for any reason (not typical project, not the type of session you’d offer prints for, etc). WeTransfer is free (up to 2gb) and makes it really easy to send files right to our client’s email inbox without it taking up any space in our Dropbox. The only downside to WeTransfer is that the download link does expire. A handful of times we’ve had couples forget to download their images in time and we’ve had to go back and re-upload the images to send over. At this point, it hasn’t happened enough for us to change systems!


Instaproofs is our online gallery system! This is where clients and their families can view, share, and purchase prints and products.