The Mastermind

An exclusive coaching program for wedding photographers and videographers ready to shatter their income ceiling, gain confidence and clarity, and stop trying to do it all alone!

For the photographers and videographers exhausted from always swimming in the sea of “what do I do next?” and ready to hop off the merry-go-round of overwhelm, distraction, and chasing the next new thing...

This is for you.

"When I started with you guys I was booking $5k weddings and I had NOTHING for 2024. Now my average is $8,500-10k a wedding and I'm over halfway booked!"


Like every “fix” and “strategy” is out there in a free reel, a PDF, or a course, but you have no idea what move to make next or which will actually help YOUR business grow.

How many hours have you spent struggling behind the scenes, feeling like a slave to your business? 


"The Mastermind is highly practical growth; just looking at the numbers - I’ve made 10K in the first month vs last year I think I made like 2K."


"A year ago I was booking
$3-4k packages and I just booked my first $13k package!"


"This has been so worth the investment and more valuable than the 2 years we spent in the last Mastermind and we’re only 1 month in! "

  • Your time, health, and relationships get strained
  • You often feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants
  • You feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t have it figured out
  • You feel lost in a world full of endless options

The reality is, growing a photo business ALONE can be really freakin’ hard!

We've been there...

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

"I applied their advice to my next five inquiries and booked every single one of them!

After a 5-month dry spell without booking a single wedding, Brad meticulously audited my inquiry process and recommended strategic changes. I applied their advice to my next five inquiries and booked every single one of them! And, one of those bookings even came in at my new, higher rate. I couldn’t believe it.”


"It’s so much more than just education"

The Mastermind


An exclusive group coaching program for wedding photographers and videographers ready to shatter their income ceiling, gain confidence and clarity, and stop trying to do it all alone!

Transform your business with personalized coaching, exclusive community building, and 1:1 expert strategies!

“It’s been 30 days, and I've already 2x'd my investment

because of the tools I learned watching the course, our 1:1 convos, and the momentum gained in the group. I don't know why I chose to white-knuckle so long - I think that was the biggest mistake I made in my business."


  • business was fun again?
  • instead of feeling alone and overwhelmed, you felt like you belonged…and that it was okay not to have it all figured out?
  • you could learn to let go of bad habits that keep you at bay, and lean into new found strengths that propel you
  • instead of bouncing ideas off someone who doesn’t understand your market, you had a trusted board of advisors - business besties or a business “mom” and “dad”
  • you could see what’s possible through the lens of other’s businesses
  • you found out you could grow your business by doing less than your newsfeed tells you you have to do….

What if...

  • Marketing & Business Strategy
  • A Strategic Community
  • Personal Goals & Direction
  • Intentional Support & Accountability
  • Masterclasses from the brightest minds inside (and outside) of the industry

…to draw out what you’re capable of, make a greater impact, and carry your photo biz as far as it’s meant to go.

A safe place that offers...

"Thanks to them, I'm now consistently booking $8k and up!

From the start, I knew Brad and Jen were the right choice. They're genuine, honest, and invest their time and energy fully. Beyond their intelligence and expertise, their coaching approach stands out. They don't just relay information but guide through thoughtful conversation, helping create solutions for my business. After just a few months, I saw a boost in my confidence, clarity, and overall business satisfaction. And now thanks to them, I'm consistently booking $8k and up!"


  • Being the CEO of your business AND your life
  • Impacting the legacy of your couples and clients with your gifts
  • Traveling the world and experiencing cultures through the eyes of others
  • Experiencing the satisfaction of growing your own business and creating a legacy for yourself or your family!
  • Breaking through income ceilings that you never thought possible
  • Experiencing the restorative joys of “off-seasons”

So that you can enjoy this again...

For 13 years, we've deeply understood photographers and videographers. Over the last 6, learning alongside some of the top marketing and business minds, we've honed in on proven strategies to grow photographer's businesses beyond their wildest dreams.

But, we don't just dump information or give empty encouragement.

We empower you to think, understand data, and transform your business, bypassing the endless trap of “do-it-yourself” thinking.

A program like no other

“All of my weddings are nearly DOUBLE than they were a year ago.

I’m just feeling so grateful for the coaching and the way it empowered me in my business. All of my weddings are nearly DOUBLE than they were a year ago.

Your guidance made me realize that I don't have to undersell my skills or move to a new city to book better rates....unlike so many who feel limited by their market.


A exclusive mastermind for wedding photographers ready to shatter their income ceiling, gain confidence and clarity, and stop trying to do it all alone! 

Here's What's Included:

Have a look inside

1:1 Direct Access to Brad & Jen for Real Time Problem Solving & Support
Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work on YOUR business. Text/Voice Memo us anytime for both big and small questions (think of it like a business partner but you don't have to pay equity!)

Collaborative Learning with Group Coaching Calls
Ditch the tired DIY routine and stop trying to do it all alone. Twice a month we’ll gather for group coaching calls that foster collaborative community, accountability, learning through quick tutorials, guest expert presentations, coaching from Brad & Jen, and a safe space to bring all of your questions.

Powerful Roadmap in Your Pocket with Full Access to our Purpose & Profit Course
A self paced photography business course that will not only peel back the layers of how to improve and grow your business, but give you a roadmap on how to make it happen. 8+ hours of course content, workbooks to guide you along the way and more!

Expand Your Mind and Grow Faster with Guest Experts
Learn from the brightest minds inside and outside of the industry who will sharpen, challenge, and encourage the growth of your business.

Support From High Level Peers Through Online Community
Whether it’s an additional perspective, a referral, or just a friend to lean on, when you put 15 committed people in a community together, you see lifelong friendships form. Alliances are built. People give freely in the group so much more than in others because of the trust built inside. 

Stand Out In Your Market (Limited Memberships to 2-3 Photographers Per Market)
Strategically grow your business alongside others without feeling like you’re competing against yourself. 


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"We’ve had two record breaking years financially and we owe so much of that to you guys...

 You inspired us to have a different outlook and spurred in us confidence in who we are and what we offer. There’s still so much for us to uncover and out into action but you helped us dig deeper than we ever could have on our own. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."


"This is an absolute no brainer"

“The constructive criticism and feedback I received challenged me in more ways than I could’ve presumed. It gave me the self-assurance to reevaluate what I offer, confidently raise my prices, and double down on my strengths that make me different.”


With too many different stages of business, talks can be stifling. We want to serve you well with a group of photographers who have gotten through some of the initial pain points of starting a business, and learn together as you grow into the next phase. 

  • A minimum gross income of $50k is required to become a member.
  • Members are committed to show up in the group calls, chats, and online discussions with heart and mind alongside their peers.

Income & Requirements

We’re committed to building a community that will enrich the individual and collective goals of each member. We will be highly intentional with this process, limiting the acceptance to 2-3 photographers PER market.

Application Only

The perfect sweet spot for creating growth and momentum while still creating space for connection and relationship between members!

15-20 Members

Like every important relationship in your life, the foundational building block for growth, connection, and joy is TRUST. We commit to fostering a safe environment among members so that you can achieve the success you deserve.


Collaborative Relationships

Real Time Support

Mentoring & Accountability

The Mastermind is built on 3 pillars:

"You changed my life, my business, and the way I think about things."

I’m already positioned WAY better for next year than I was the last two years. From starting with almost nothing, I've booked more weddings for 2024 in less time, paid down significant debt, and made substantial investments in my business This was my make-it-or-break-it year. I’m not there yet. I still have a ton of work to do. But… You guys have changed my life. I trust you fully. If you told me to jump off this bridge and you’d make a million dollars, I would jump. You changed my life, my business, and the way I think about things.



“The long-form feedback is invaluable. I loved the deep dive on my pricing structure!" 


“The mindset shifts and community aspect has already been so good and healthy. So impressed (but not surprised) on how the Mastermind has been run in your intentionality and effort. It is a blessing and doesn’t go unnoticed and already very much worth my investment and more.”


“You guys are already the most attentive coaches I've ever worked with.”


Wanted to share a huge win! I took all this advice, put it in Action and I’m sending out a contract for my first $6K+ wedding today!!!! Thank you for all the help with the pricing guide!


“Damn guys. Just had a call and didn’t prepare much but used the new call script and it was the BEST discovery call I’ve ever had. It just made things click even after doing this for 13 years. I got more detail and heart and passion back from the couple than I ever have. I’m overwhelmed and excited about this thing.”


I booked my highest package! So now I’m raising my prices to better reflect my value! :)  I have loved learning from everyone here already. Every question, answer and encouragement helps me feel more connected when I felt so alone before. Can’t wait for more!

After taking your cousre I made 140k in sales in my first year!

My business has grown more than I ever could have imagined and I couldn't have done it without you! I had no idea how to run a business when I started your course (had shot very few weddings) and I have just made 19k this month alone! I have also made 140k in sales which i never believed would be possible in my first year! I honestly cannot believe it and cannot thank you enough!


  1. Pricing 
  2. Sales & Psychology
  3. Client Experience
  4. Workflows & Automations 
  5. Photographic Approach 
  6. Outsourcing 
  7. Finances
  8. Mindset
  9. Expanding services to albums and print sales
  10. Creating educational offerings

The 6 month mastermind includes (12) 60 min group coaching calls lead by Brad & Jen and guest experts. The topics and content is comprehensive and will be inspired by the needs of the group ranging from…

Mentoring & Accountability

DAILY SUPPORT is offered via Voxer. You can message Brad & Jen anytime. This piece alone is worth the entire value of the mastermind!

  • get questions answered in real time
  • bring your problems, road blocks, or new ideas for feedback
  • have a business “mom” and “dad” in your back pocket

BI-MONTHLY SUPPORT is offered via Zoom. Each 60min group call will we used for:

  • quick tutorials and lesson recaps
  • getting feedback and support 
  • community growth and accountability 
  • direction and encouragement
  • coaching from Brad & Jen
  • guest expert presentations
  • opening up and testing the skills we’ll be building through Purpose & Profit and coaching over Voxer!

Real Time Support

More than any other thing, the group’s collective mind is BY FAR the most valuable part of any mastermind. 

Whether it’s an additional perspective, a referral, or just a friend to lean on, when you put 15 committed people in a community together, you see lifelong friendships form. Alliances are built. People give freely in the group so much more than in others because of the TRUST FACTOR inside. 

The group hangs out…
  • In a private Facebook Group
  • Voxer Chats
  • And in person once a year (optional add-on)

The most successful photographers and business owners we know all credit their success to not just strategy and action, but the community that supported and propelled their business forward.

Collaborative Relationships

Mastermind members: Ruthie Martin & Kami Arant shooting together in CA

Data tracking was huge for me!! Also albums!!

I am walking away feeling so grateful for the experience! I loved the breadth of subjects we covered as a group. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and each week felt like a different opportunity to address where some of us were struggling and others were strong. Overall, I'm walking away from the Mastermind with a new community and feeling so grateful for the experience!


Getting real about luxury weddings and debunking the myths around photographer/planner relationships


Photographer based in Phoenix, AZ pushing the boundaries on client experience and redefining the expectations of wedding photography 


Community builder, Graphic Designer, Thought Leader leads a moving presentation about creating space for creativity


Guest Teachers

Founder of Strong Brand Social and advocate for taking dominion over Instagram marketing with her message, F* the Algorithm! 


Learn from album and product expert with $1m+ in sales


The art of letting go. An intimate discussion with industry veteran and author of The Perfect Imperfect. Recent clients include Naomi Biden, Anna Sophia Robb & Kate Bosworth.


and so many more!

Learn how to present high-converting copy from this marketing BA who has collaborated with industry leaders like Russell Brunson, Amy Porterfield and Jenna Kutcher. Her expertise is recognized by Anderson Live, BBC, Forbes, and the NYT


74% of brides hired at least one wedding vendor through Pinterest in 2023.  Learn How To Use Pinterest To Get More Traffic To Your Site & Connect With Future Clients! 



Learn how to outsource ANYTHING from Outsourcing Expert & Founder of multi-million dollar "VA for a Day"

Making Facebook Ads easy! Learn how to create and run two different ads that attract your ideal client and convert them to bookings!


The WHY module in Purpose & Profit completely changed the way I looked at my photography career.

The part of the module that challenges us to think about what we want to thank our business for - puts every business decision from now on in a new light. It led to a fundamental paradigm shift in my approach to my buiness and in our lives in general!







"Fifteen years in the game and this has been better than I ever expected"

It’s 1000% worth the investment!!!

It’s incredible to work with Brad & Jen and incredible to see the results you get! In three months we surpassed ALL our goals and booked our first 5 figure wedding which just BLOWS MY MIND!"


No more DIY education that leaves you with knowledge and without action. Instead, you'll receive group coaching and real-time support to walk with you as you implement changes in your business and grow over time. 

6 Months of Virtual Mastermind beginning January 2024

  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching Calls for 6 months
  • 1:1 Walkie Talkie Support
  • Full Access to Brad & Jen’s Purpose & Profit Course 
  • Guest Experts
  • Online Community 
  • Limited to 2-3 photographers PER market

We will not be offering individual 1:1 coaching in 2023 or 2024. If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity for coaching, this is your chance to get personal access to Brad & Jen.  

No more DIY education


You already have a successful wedding photography or videography business..

This Mastermind is for you if...

You are currently a wedding photographer or videographer..

and want to grow and flourish while working with you ideal clients, but don’t know how to reach the next level of success within your business.

making at least $50k a year, but you're tired of the constant hamster wheel you feel like you live in and want new ideas to generate income and serve your clients well!

You struggle with burn out

from doing the same broken style of business year after year. Increasing your rates, working with great couples, but still never getting time to enjoy your life.

You question if there’s even more money to be made…

because you don’t really understand how to fully monetize each part of your business. 

You don’t mind getting pre-existing beliefs challenged…

in order to create REAL lasting, and impactful growth in your business.

You feel guilty stealing time from what's most important

and you’re desperate to change things in your business to allow the freedom you desire, but no idea when or how to get it.

"I've been able to increase prices more than I thought was possible

My time with Brad and Jen was amazing! Their knowledge and support was incredible and I ultimately left coaching feeling 100% more confident in my why, my ideal client and the unique value I offer. Not to mention I have been able to increase my prices more than I thought possible! Biggest breakthrough? Knowing my value as a photographer and feeling confident in charging what I'm on worth + understanding my ideal client”


We’ve spent many hours leaning into our marriage and our business… understanding our personalities, individual strengths, and uncovering weaknesses. It’s been hard work that will never be finished, but with the help of others we have learned a great deal about what it looks like to work together, grow a multi-six figure photo business, foster a healthy marriage, and build a family together.

The biggest lesson we’ve learned is that we can’t do it alone - we weren’t meant to! Over the last decade we’ve carefully and prayerfully pursued and learned that a healthy eco-system of mentors, advisors, and friends are crucial for sustaining growth in our business AND our personal lives!

We have a passion for paying those experiences forward…guiding business owners and creatives who are ready to take their business to the next level, pursue a healthy work/life balance, and a create a fulfilling business that makes an impact on the world. 

Nashville based husband & wife photographers, creative business coaches, and parents to 3 amazing children. 

We're Brad & Jen


"I’ve never in my life been this excited to go write copy and update my website!!"

I have always dreaded updating websites or copywriting and I’ve been putting off making any revisions because I felt like I had a lot of growth to do internally. In this program, I’ve identified who my ideal client is, what my why is, and where I want to go...And NOW after this last call…I’m so fired up. I’ve never in my life been this excited to go write copy and update my website!! Thank you both. You have changed my life and I am forever indebted. 


If you need help creating & executing new marketing ideas

If you need strategic advice and help on pricing, packages, and selling your services

If you’re ready for a no BS approach to taking action, working through proven strategy in a safe small group setting where you belong

This group is for you

Welcome friend! There's a lot here to take in. Stick around, grab a freebie, and save us to your bookmarks!

Brad & Jen