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Intentional growth for photographers who want to make a difference


 We love working with other creatives – walking alongside you, talking through business hurdles, asking questions, digging deep, and helping guide you in growing and refining your business is a passion of ours.

One of our close friends and clients refers to it as their "business therapy."  Honestly we can't think of a better way of explaining it.

We have a heart for seeing other creatives thrive in their career and personal life and our deepest desire is to impact people's lives in a way that continues to give back year after year. We care about seeing good happen in the world and we believe that we can create the most positive change in it by walking arm-in-arm with others who desire to see good happen too! We're so excited about the possibility of walking alongside you in this journey!

I feel like our eyes have been opened since the day you mentored us. I keep thinking the feelings are gonna dissolve, but I still feel very inspired and excited. The best investment we’ve made for our business was hitting you guys up.
— Portugal Story Co.



In almost 10 years of business there aren’t many struggles we haven’t encountered and mistakes we haven’t made…

Whether you’re looking to refine or boost your business, find your ideal clients, become more efficient in your workflow, rediscover meaning in your work, stand out in your market, or something more specific, we’re here to walk alongside you!

We really value hearing where you’re currently at and what areas feel heavy to you so that we can help guide you to a mentoring solution that will meet your unique needs. Because we work with creatives all over the world, we have a variety of options including Skype/Facetime sessions, in-person sessions, and one-day intensives.

The best piece of advice we were ever given by a mentor of our own was: Don’t put off investing in yourself, your relationships, and the things you’re passionate about in this life. Tomorrow may never come.

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” - Simon Sinek