Intentional growth for creatives who want to make a difference

We love working with other creatives – walking alongside you, talking through business hurdles, asking questions, digging deep, and helping guide you in growing and refining your business is a passion of ours.

One of our close friends and clients refers to it as their "business therapy."  Honestly we can't think of a better way of explaining it.

We have a heart for seeing other creatives thrive in their career and personal life and our deepest desire is to impact people's lives in a way that continues to give back year after year. We care about seeing good happen in the world and we believe that we can create the most positive change in it by walking arm-in-arm with others who desire to see good happen too! We're so excited about the possibility of walking alongside you in this journey!


3-Month mentoring partnership

If you're looking for ways to boost or refine your business so you can get back more of your time, find your ideal client, refine your work, or serve your clients better... this option is for you! Ongoing momentum, accountability, and a damn good time.


skype mentor session

As visual creatives, we know that sometimes it's way easier to ask questions to a real person or see HOW someone does things so that you can understand basic principles and learn how to make them your own.

If you need advice or want to talk through a specific topic, this option is perfect for you!

General topics range from business management, workflow reviews, email management, managing client expectations, pushing past creative plateaus, client interaction, culling/editing struggles, and online proofing (to name a few).


One-day intensive

As an entrepreneur it’s easy for work (even when you love what you do) to feel overwhelming, frustrating, and lacking in direction when you get into your creative business and realize all of the “other” work that comes along with pursuing your passion (taxes, s-corps, email, difficult clients, social media marketing, etc). You're not alone!

This intensive includes 6 hours together - diving into your unique business and uncovering how you can do your most meaningful work and steward your business well so that it gives back to your life, your loved ones, and every person your business comes in contact with.




In order to ensure we're serving you to the best of our ability, we'd love to hear a little about what you're hoping for and any specific areas you see a need for growth. Take a few minutes and fill out the contact form below to inquire about availability and which mentor option might be the best fit for you!

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