From ceaseless hustle to purpose & profit

Take back your life by working smarter not harder

We believe the answer is YOU. Your why. Your passion. Your people. 

And through this course, we’ll teach you how to reverse engineer your business to better fit what matters most—keeping your true priorities front and center while growing a profitable business you’re proud of.

Ready to do things differently?

Been there, tried that.

Good news: the answer is NOT: more hours, more clients, more work 

After taking your course I made $140,000 in sales in my first year!

My business has grown more than I ever could have imagined and I couldn't have done it without you! I had no idea how to run a business when I started your course (had shot very few weddings) and I have just made 19k this month alone! I have also made 140k in sales which i never believed would be possible in my first year! I honestly cannot believe it and cannot thank you enough!


Stuck asking for the same low rates

Passionate as heck about what you do

A wedding photographer or videographer

Feeling like you've lost sight of why you started in the first place

You are...

Spinning your wheels trying every course, mastermind, and workshop under the sun only to feel like your business isn’t actually going anywhere

You're tired of...

Spending hours upon hours tracking down potential clients only to get ghosted or have your rates questioned 

Second-guessing yourself and constantly questioning if what you’re doing is “right”

Watching your commitment to work negatively impact your family + friends but not knowing how the heck to balance it all

And you've already tried...

Following all of your favorite photographers on Instagram and copying everything they swear by 

Reading business books + listening to business podcasts only to feel lost when implementation rolls around 

Randomly raising your rates in hopes that people will buy-in and you’ll finally get a break 


✔  Confidence + clarity in your photos, your business, and yourself 

✔  Systems, processes, and tools that will actually WORK.

✔  BTS access to successful photography businesses that are where you want to be

✔  A true understanding of how to market your business to attract clients you’re excited to work with (who want to pay your rates)

✔  To wake up fulfilled, knowing your priorities are reflected in your day-to-day

What you really CRAVE is...

We bet you also want a successful business that makes the type of money you need to live a life of JOY without burning out.

We get it - because we wanted the same things

And after years of trial and error, we finally have it

Two wedding photographers who just happened to share a wedding of our own. Oh, and we have three incredibly curious children we could squeeze + snuggle for days. 

When we first started our business, we genuinely had no idea what we were doing. We started throwing spaghetti at the wall, absorbing all the free info we could get, and basing our success solely on income—which explains how we ended up…

  • Working with clients who didn’t fill our cups or respect our expertise
  • Answering emails at 11 PM 
  • Placing all of our identity in our business + losing sight of why we started
  • Addicted to the hustle + on the pursuit of more more more
  • Feeling emotionally + physically burnt out 
  • Missing nearly every wedding we were invited to because we were always working

And for a moment, we really thought this was how it had to be...

Your down to earth & data backed business coaches


If we wanted to make good money and do what we loved, we had to put our business first, right? Turns out, we were missing one essential piece of the puzzle: the why.

Once we refocused on the life we're passionate about, business became more rewarding. We learned to brand effectively, prioritize our values without compromising what brought us work, and grew our business while avoiding burnout!

It's not about manifesting destiny; it's about deep business knowledge grounded in what you value.

Running a business is tough, but with the right approach, it can seamlessly fit into your life and leave room to do more of what you love. That’s our purpose — YOU are our why.

So, what do you say?

"Your outlook is truly a breath of  fresh air, and we're already seeing benefits in our business

We're now more confident in expressing our why and passion without feeling like we're 'selling ourselves'. Learning to bring emotion and heart into our offerings has boosted my confidence. I'm eager to see how much more we'll grow as we delve deeper into the course. Thank you guys SO MUCH!"

Jordan & Alaina

Purpose & Profit


 A business roadmap for wedding photographers who long for proven systems to grow and maximize profits without burning out - all in a self-paced program backed by experience and success stories of photographers just like you

In two years, we went from shooting 40 weddings a year to shooting 10 and making MORE money. Now? We only shoot the weddings that light us up and we get to spend more time doing the things we love -- and we've helped countless photographers do the same thing.

We're giving you the exact roadmap we used to get us here.

 What you will learn with Purpose & Profit

Starting with Why
You Business isn’t Your Why
Brand Voice
The Final Cause
Your Why Worksheet

Your Why


6 Principles That Slay
Converting Funnels
Social Media
Google Reviews
Word Of Mouth
(Un)Styled Shoots


Pricing Psychology

Dynamic Pricing

How to Raise Rates
Understanding Booking Minimums

Limiting Beliefs

Value Stacking

Price Anchoring

Pricing Products
Packages vs. A La Carte


Content Pillars
Instagram Bio
Power of the Sneak Peek
Instagram Marketing
Custom 3 Month Instagram Challenge

Converting Strategies
Implementing Your Brand
Using Forms that Convert
The Power of Social Proof


Client Meetings

Phone Call Scripts
REAL Discovery Call Recordings with REAL brides
Ways to Convert Leads
The Right Questions to Ask


30 Point Workflow
Client Management Systems
Software & Services
Creating the RIGHT touch points

Ideal Clients

How to DEFINE your ideal client
How to REACH them
How to use your WHY as your super power
Our BRAND MAGIC process to convert clients from just browsing to just booked!

8 Client Experience Principles
The Peak/End Theory
Using Connection to Build Trust
Establishing Relationships
Communicating with Your Couples

Client Experience

Group Calls

Watch 6 pre-recorded group coaching calls from the first group of enrolled students! (calls are not live calls, so you can go at your own pace and still get all the juicy answers to big questions!) 


Work/Life Balance
Hiring Associate Photographers
Our favorite Principle

"YOU GUYS 😭😭😭 I just booked my biggest package ever thanks to you 🥲 I’m freaking out !!!! The moment they booked I instantly thought of how valuable (& true!) everything is your course. I already felt like the course was a wonderful investment but wow did this just make it feel 100x more worth it. I’m just mind blown!!"

clayhouse photo

It's like business school for photographers

After Sharing Our Knowledge 1:1 With Mentoring Students

We decided to share it with you—through this comprehensive program. 

Because let’s be honest—you deserve this level of support + these types of results

What if running your business felt really good again?

"After a five month dry spell, I applied their discovery call process to my next five inquiries and booked every single one of them!"


"Compared to last year, I've secured more weddings at higher rates, mostly with my ideal clients. This is a huge win, considering the transition to a new city"

noah wolfe

"After implementing the sales call tips I got on the phone with a bride and spoke to the value of my packages. She took that and RAN with it and ended up booking a $15,000 package… a package that didn’t even exist! "


The education space is crowded enough so let's get right to it:

A holistic approach to business specially curated for wedding photographers (we’re covering ALL the facets of your business) 

Serious business therapy (we’re peeling back the layers and digging extra deep)

Full honesty + transparency based on our experiences + all the mentoring we’ve done (everything we teach has been tested + approved by countless photographers just like you—these aren’t guesses or opinions)

What Purpose & Profit IS:

A technical photography course (you’re already an expert at what you do—we’re here to help you build a thriving business out of it) 

Regurgitation of what you’ve already seen/read on IG + YouTube (our take on business isn’t one shared by the masses—and that’s why it WORKS)

A quick fix to becoming a millionaire overnight (you’ll definitely be making more money—but there’s no gimmicky quick-fix here)

What Purpose & Profit is NOT:

"My husband HAS BEEN ABLE TO QUIT HIS JOB!!!! People need to know because it’s just worth everything. It’s changed our lives and we are both asking ourselves questions we never thought we would."


"Just sent off an agreement for my highest collection so far @ 8,500!!

The attention to detail, the explanation beyond my pricing guide itself, into tips of doing business and relating to people has increased my sales and helped my business grow immediately. The encouragement Brad & Jen provide is genuine—they really want others to succeed in the wedding business"


Let’s take a closer look at what you’re learning:

Uncovering and truly understanding your “why” is the key to cultivating a business you never lose yourself to. We firmly believe your “why” should be the foundation upon which you build your entire business—and we’re making sure yours is totally unshakeable.

Sneak peek at some of the takeaways:
- Discover your true “why” (not just why you’re a photographer) 
- Use your “why” to fuel your business and leave room for your life 
- Build a business that’s fulfilling + exciting, not just a money machine
- Includes a workbook with intentional questions and exercises to better define your why

Your Why (and why it matters)


There are hundreds of people out there just waiting to find you—and it’s about dang time we ensured they did. By tailoring your brand and messaging to attract the clients you’d love to work with, you can fill your calendar with people and projects that light you up.

Sneak peek at some of the takeaways:
- Thoroughly define your ideal client (and know exactly what they’re looking for)
- Understand how to shift your marketing to make every message count
- Includes a workbook to help you more accurately define your ideal client and tailor your marketing toward them

How to Attract Your Clients


Building a consistent, strategic, powerful brand takes more than showing up on social media and having a killer logo. We’re taking your brand from “looks good” to “unmissable photographer” and helping you stand out in the crowd to become the no-brainer option.

Sneak peek at some of the takeaways:
- Infuse YOU into your brand while effortlessly attracting the right people 
- Know exactly how to show up online and do more than just share photos 
- Build clarity and consistency in your branding to elevate your expertise and skyrocket your reputation *Includes workbook*



Marketing may be the most important unit of your business—and we’re not letting you graduate from this course until you feel confident as heck about what you’re saying, how you’re selling, and how you can increase bookings through testimonials + collaborations. You’re learning our personal framework that keeps us fully booked with (high-paying) clients we LOVE.

Sneak peek at some of the takeaways:
- Know exactly what’s missing from your marketing strategy and how to fill those gaps
- Book more clients by: creating an unshakeable desire for your photography, generating glowing reviews, utilizing Instagram the right way, and optimizing your website
- Learn our approach to goal setting that guarantees you’ll get (the right) things done
- Includes a workbook with a quick, practical checklist for initiating marketing strategies 

How to Market Yourself


Wanna know how to make more money without getting attached to hustle culture? Strategically raise your prices (based on proven psychological theories) and diversify your income. Luckily, we’re teaching you both. 

Sneak peek at some of the takeaways:
- Thoroughly understand + implement pricing psychology with our proprietary checklist and multiple mindset shifts (price anchoring, value-based pricing, booking minimums)
- Diversify your income and increase passive profit without working yourself to the bone
- Walk away with step-by-step tactics to set and increase your pricing while simultaneously booking more clients (work smarter, not harder)



Experience is everything when it comes to a service-based business. Not only does your client experience inform the success of a project, but it also creates raving fans who leave raving reviews (leading to more bookings). Together, we’re walking through your entire experience from inquiry to booking to “I do,” and beyond. 

Sneak peek at some of the takeaways:
- Steal our tried + tested timeline template, 30-touchpoint workflow, and customizable email templates to create a seamless experience from start to finish
- Access our inquiry call script and phone call recordings with real brides to understand exactly how we secure perfect-fit clients 
- Learn how to build unshakeable value and trust with your clients so you can serve them better while enjoying the experience more yourself 

Client Experience


By this point in the program, you’ll be ready to effectively scale your business to new heights without pulling overnights or sacrificing important priorities. We’re showing you exactly how and when to do that so your impact + income can grow intentionally (and your work-life balance can actually be balanced).

Sneak peek at some of the takeaways:
- Prioritize your CEO-level tasks and curate a schedule that allows you to strategically hone your focus 
- Understand how to set and keep boundaries with your clients and yourself (without feeling guilty about it)
- Learn how to outsource tasks in your business, lay the foundation to add associate photographers to your team, and attract clientele for your associates 



"We’re just over halfway through the course and I can feel myself breathing again. There is SO MUCH I needed to be reminded of and to learn. Purpose & Profit has done just that and more. I’m telling you, it’s the therapy I didn’t know I needed."

Jake ford

Whichever route you take, we can’t wait to help you build a photography business you’re insanely proud of. One that sustainably and consistently grows—so both your business AND your life can thrive.

You’ve got investment options

let's talk numbers

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✔ Full Course
✔ 15 day money back guarantee

Most flexible

12 monthly payments of 240

✔ Full Course
✔ 15 day money back guarantee

"I loved every bit and I think anyone from new photographers to season photographers to people that are years and years in the game will benefit from this course… and really just from learning from Brad and Jen and having them in your life is overall an amazing benefit."


The Best Part…We’ve Made It Totally Risk-Free

We’re offering you a no-questions-asked, 15-day money-back guarantee. We mean it. No questions. All your money back. That’s how confident we are this will absolutely change your business (and more importantly, your life).

Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

Am I a good fit?

What topics do you cover?

Common FAQs

Once you’ve purchased the course you’ll receive login information and have instant access to the material!

How do I watch the course videos?

Both wedding photographers and videographers would benefit greatly from this course material!

Is this only for wedding photographers?

We created this course with a quarter of a year in mind (hello down-season). While you can likely watch the entirety of this course in 10 days, we highly suggest taking around 2 weeks per module to take each lesson seriously and give yourself time to implement the steps and strategies!

How long will the course take to complete?

You’ll have lifetime access (lifetime of business). Once you’ve purchased the course you’ll receive login information and have instant access to the material! 

How long do I have access to the course?

Questions? We love that about you!

How do I watch the course videos?

Once you’ve purchased the course you’ll receive login information and have instant access to the material!

Is this only for wedding photographers?

Both wedding photographers and videographers would benefit greatly from this course material!

How long will it take to see results?

The course is built to compound on itself, so while we “legally” can’t promise specific results the sooner you start implementing, the sooner your business will start to change! 

How long will it take to complete?

We created this course with a quarter of a year in mind (hello down-season). While you can likely watch the entirety of this course in 10 days, we highly suggest taking around 2 weeks per module to take each lesson seriously and give yourself time to implement the steps and strategies!

How long will I have access to the course?

You’ll have lifetime access (lifetime of business). Once you’ve purchased the course you’ll receive login information and have instant access to the material! 

I don't live in the US. Will I still benefit?

Absolutely. This course is built on universal principles that can be applied to any region in any season of business.

We know how easy it is to lose yourself in the hustle culture and end up wondering where everything went wrong. Trust us, we went down that spiral and there’s nothing but overwhelm and exhaustion waiting at the end. 

But we 100% believe there’s a better way—and we want nothing more than to help you discover it. 

What do you say? Ready to take on this journey with us?

One last thing before you go…