Email Templates for Photographers

Email Templates for Photographers


How many hours have you spent in front of your computer screen writing and re-writing the same email? 

How many times have you wondered why you’re continuously getting the same questions over and over again from your clients?

How much stress has your inbox added to your life as a creative?

We’ve been there. Without the plan of attack or an understanding of where the heck to begin, we were completely overwhelmed and a slave to our inbox. We decided something needed to change… and now we want to share that freedom with you!

This is our amazing, robust guide to saving time & brain space, communicating effectively, serving your couples well and finding your voice along with the way.

  • 30 custom Email Templates for nearly every situation and interaction with your couples

  • 25 minute instructional Video + Slideshow

  • Includes prompts throughout to discover your voice and make each email your own

  • Helpful tips for communicating effectively & setting expectations

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