We’ve always found that we work best by seeing things in action. Facts on a screen, reading books, or hearing lessons in person are all extremely beneficial but something about simply observing how someone else works their craft has always been an incredible source of growth for us.

Brad and I have been dreaming of offering a one on one wedding experience for photographers hungry to grow and learn and we are so excited to invite you into this space, to get to know one another, and make an impact on your couples and clients!




Here’s what we’re NOT saying — watch us shoot and copy how we do it. The hope behind this experience is to inspire and awaken the gifts that already exist inside of YOU by observing how WE use our own unique vision and personality to give each and everyone one of our couples an experience in front of our cameras.

See how WE capture a wedding from beginning to end — not just the details, not just a styled shoot — but a real, live, moving wedding day with emotions and unexpected events. Learn how we make a wedding day flow smoothly and how we utilize lighting from getting ready, bride & groom portraits, to family photos, dances, and speeches.

We’ll walk you through our pre-wedding ritual, setting expectations with our couples before the big day, how our couples’ unique stories inspire our approach and subject matter, and of course, some of the technical aspects of gear decisions, timeline management, and vendor relations.

It’ll be fun, laid back, and extremely immersive and we are so, so excited to finally be offering this to you!


Love you baby but this ain’t no portfolio builder (in the traditional sense). Our expectation is that you will come willing to learn, open to engage your brain and your heart, and simply glean from the experience without the distraction of a camera in your hands.




This experience is our greatest asset - what we believe makes us different than other photographers and we’re taking a chance on you - inviting you into sacred space with us and our couple. To learn, to grow, to be challenged, and inspired and we don’t take this lightly. We’ll do our best, we’ll give you our all, and our hope is that we are met with an open heart from someone who is hungry, willing to learn, and ready to make a larger impact than gaining more Instagram followers.

We’re taking applications for a handful of weddings now through the beginning of next year.

Two payments of $1250

Includes: One full day with Brad & Jen at a real wedding (6-9 hours) + follow up Q&A meeting after the wedding day.


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You understand you will be expected to behave in a professional & respectful manner. *
You understand you will be accompanying and observing posing, interaction, approach, and assisting as necessary. *
You understand that you will NOT be photographing during the wedding day events. *