Abigail grey

Your mentoring session was so helpful in kicking off my successful first year full time! I'm so excited to say that now I only have two more spots available for weddings, which I really attribute a lot to y'alls help!




After our conversation yesterday I cried for like 5 minutes! We just felt really validated and encouraged and reassured that we we are doing okay with our business.

Thank you for taking the time to teach us and encourage us, it means the world. We feel really excited to begin to implement some of the things we talked through, and to go back to our ‘why.’

We needed to be reminded of this.


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Your one hour talk with us last year changed our business and our marriage. So thankful you took the time to do that with us!




I felt like you cared abut me and my journey, which was different than anything I’ve ever felt. I’ve never had anyone talk to me that way about my business or verbalize, express, and understand.

It felt good to be able to hear all the same things I feel daily from someone else, then be encouraged to get there. Pretty much everything you said this morning about your journey resonated with me so deeply.


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Brad & Jen encouraged us SO MUCH when we met together. I'm so grateful they inspired us to recognize our God-given desires through our work and not just prod us toward shallow ‘success’ or money goals.

We trust and admire Brad & Jen as we have seen them grow their own business while staying true to their core joys in life.