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You have incredible work, passion, and connection with your couples — but for some reason, your dream clients just aren't saying 'yes'. It's frustrating, right? Many photographers unknowingly turn away couples with outdated tactics that are no-brainers to fix. Dive into our guide and uncover those sneaky pitfalls you might be falling into and turn those 'almosts' into BOOKED!


Stand out from vendor noise

The secret to responding well

How to lean into experience, not price

Communicating desire, not convenience 

What NOT to say

"You guys are magicians. Thanks to you, I revamped my inquiry process and saw immediate results. Not only did these clients book me without hesitation, but one even chose my highest package, priced significantly higher than before. I'm truly astounded and deeply grateful!"


"After a 5 month dry spell, I applied their advice to my next five inquiries and booked every single one of them!"


"I just have to say thank you guys SO MUCH for teaching me different techniques. At the end of the consult my bride said - it was so refreshing to have this kind of conversation with a photographer. I haven’t had that with any of the 20 I reached out to -  I had to tell you. You’re not just changing my life. You’re changing my client’s lives.”

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