Like many of you, our business began unexpectedly—friends needing headshots turned into wedding photography requests and all of a sudden, we were running a photo biz drowning in business challenges - self-doubt, undercharging, and work consuming our lives.

Rather than letting these define us, we leaned on mentors and redefined our approach.

  • We've transformed 3k inquiries into 15k bookings
  • Invested in homes
  • Saved for retirement
  • Taken summers off
  • And traveled the world together

Above all, we made our business start working for us, protecting our passion as artists, while serving both our clients and our family along the way!

From burnout to breakthrougH

Husband & wife photographers, business coaches, parents, and best friends


We're more than just photographers...

We're business coaches, parents, and each other's biggest cheerleaders.  From our very own home, we’re on a mission to show photographers like you what's possible in their business and help make their dreams a reality. We can't wait to show you how....


A look back on the past decade

Shot our first wedding in Northern Michigan. Camera broke during ceremony.


Jen went full time.
We attended our first photography workshop in Kansas City, MO. This is when our work really started to change from being photographers to storytellers.


Brad quit his job & we shot our first "Ideal Client" wedding just outside of Chicago. We wouldn't be where and who we are today if it wasn't for this one. Love you, M+E!


Business really started ramping up for us in 2014. We were both working on the business full time and booking consistently across the country.


Shot 36 weddings across the country. Business was "booming" but we were on a decline, personally.


humble beginnings!

Completely burnt out. Traveled to Europe for 3 months to reset and redefine our journey forward.


Welcomed our first born into the world. His birth completely shifted our perspective on time, work, and creating a business that didn't run our lives.


We began to test this new way of business by teaching and mentoring photographers, graphic designers, furniture builders and started to see incredible results in their businesses.


Launched our first course, Purpose & Profit, added associates to our team, scaled our business into the 10k market, and welcomed our third baby!


Hired our second round of business coaches, doubled our income, and launched a group coaching program!


the big revelation

what a year, eh?

Hired our first business coaches. Jen gave birth to our second child!


We've been called

“table setters”
“the best teachers to date”
“uniquely industrious”
“different than everyone else”
“encouraging, empathizing guides”
“gracious & kind”
“the kind of people who get it”

One of a kind coaching experience. Tailored strategies, tight-knit community. Powerful guest educators. No fluff.


Grow With Us

A community for photographers: Share questions and ideas. Like a campfire chat for inspiration and encouragement


Business school for photographers: Work smarter, holistic business strategy, deep insights. Tested methods. Genuine growth. Your Pace.


Here's your map to stop dreaming and start doing. Choose your journey:

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Photo: Clark Brewer

Maddie Sullivan

“I haven’t even finished the whole course, but after going through it I doubled my rates, felt the confidence to do so because I know who I’m looking for and those clients are starting to find me!

Bernadette / An Endless Pursuit

"This has reached every branch of our lives which has been SO good. It's been the most significant work we've done in our business in 10 years. It's unlocked something in our soul."

Abigail Malone

"The last 4 weddings booked for well over $8000 🎉🎉🎉 so thankful for y’all!"

Steve / An Endless Pursuit

"We've spent thousands of dollars on education from photographers who only taught what worked for THEM. You do the inverse. And nothing has impacted us more."

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Brad & Jen