We’re Brad and Jen, husband and wife wedding photographers based in Nashville, Tennessee.
We found each other in a film class and fell in love over a bag of popcorn.

Over the course of nearly a decade (gosh, we’re getting old!) we’ve spent countless hours leaning into our marriage and our business - understanding our personalities, individual strengths, and uncovering weaknesses.  It’s been hard work that will never be finished, but with the help of others we have learned a great deal about what it looks like to work together, be married to one another, and grow a family together…and the biggest lesson we’ve learned is that we can’t do it alone - we weren’t meant to.

In the last few years we’ve carefully and prayerfully pursued and learned that a healthy eco-system of mentors, advisors, and friends are crucial for sustaining growth in our business AND our personal lives!  

Mastermind groups, business strategists, financial planners, and mentors continue to pour into our life and we are eternally grateful for it.

As a result, we have found a passion for paying those experiences forward — helping business owners and creatives who are ready to plan for sustainable growth, pursue a healthy work/life balance, and a create a business that makes an impact on others. 




attention to detail and fervent on making every day count

Together, we have no where near perfected the art of work/life balance, but thanks to Jen, our pursuits toward living an intentional life have flourished in many ways under her convictions toward building structure, purposeful action, and boundary setting within our business. 

As a 6 on the enneagram, Jen is extremely dedicated to her family, her craft, and believes in the old saying, “there is no mission without margin.”

Jen has a keen eye for detail in our business and keeps us grounded in the reality that our days are numbered, our time is precious, and it’s important to make every day count.



Always keeping an eye on the big picture and guiding us towards our "why"

Brad’s always looking at our life and business from a million miles up.  He helps keep us focused on the big picture and continually reminds us of our “why” - something we need to be reminded of often.  He is one of the most genuine and intuitive people I know. He is always looking for ways to connect, dig in to other's passions, and find ways to execute on making a greater impact on the world.

As a 7 on the enneagram, Brad has a huge heart for spontaneity, experience, and sharing with others the simple goodness that life has to offer.