What if it wasn't your photos or your market that was holding you back?

Our deep-dive into pricing strategies led to this guide that allowed us to 3x our RATES in one year!

Pricing Guide Template

for wedding photographers & videographers

for wedding
photographers & videographers

25 Custom Designed Canvases 

  • Customized introduction
  • Welcome message
  • Experience statement
  • What sets you apart
  • Social proof & features
  • FAQs
  • Packages/Collections
  • A La Carte options
  • Testimonials
  • Album sections
  • Travel requirements
  • Clear next steps for conversion

Sending pricing to a potential couple can sometimes feel like a “hold your breath and hope you did it right” kind of moment. After all the hard work — perfecting your Instagram, polishing your website, crafting your portfolio, and drawing in inquiries — it feels like a gamble. It's the moment of truth, and your hard work deserves more than crossed fingers.

Instead of staring at screen for days making millions of tweaks that leave you wondering, “is this actually gonna work!?” Grab this template designed with pricing psychology to turn leads into bookings. Bonus: It's tweakable in minutes, not days.

With your choice of either ShowIt or Canva template, our game-changing pricing guide template is ready and waiting for you to make it your own. It's not just a layout, its your next confidence boost prepped for customization.

Prompts and instructions that help you use pricing psychology to convert more inquiries

40+ Hours of time saved

25 Customizable Canvases/Pages

 Years of research and testing

Ready in minutes, rather than hours

Available on website, mobile, or PDF

YOU GUYS! After implementing just a few of Brad's suggested pricing tweaks, our booking average skyrocketed from $5,500 to $13,200!! What in the world!? Let's hug.


✔ You recreate your guide every time you send a new proposal

✔ You aren’t really sure what is “supposed” to go in your pricing guide and you just want someone to show you

✔ You have a pricing guide that’s working okay, but you feel like you’ve hit an income ceiling that you can’t seem to make budge

✔ You want to truly showcase your value to potential clients (and stop leaving money on the table)

✔ You don’t want to spend hours designing something yourself, but want a professional, thoughtfully designed guide that will allow your images and brand message to shine

The pricing guide is for you if...

"This pricing guide takes out ALL of the guesswork!"

michayla slone

When I moved to pricing with proposals, I was truly at a loss. I didn't know what to say, what to include, and how that differed from just sending my couples some numbers and hoping they would book me. This pricing guide takes out ALL of the guesswork! It is so clearly laid out and feels really personal to scroll through. It is full of so much information from pricing to albums to what makes you stand out. I love how there are so many ways to share and showcase the actual photography while still keeping focus on the important information. I really love this guide and am excited to make it my own and implement it with future clients!"

Good news: Each of these easy to customize templates come with a short instructional video to walk you through the few simple changes (think drag-n-drop) you’ll need to make in order to get your images, brand message, and pricing in your next client’s hands.

Not sure you’re “techy” enough to use the templates? 


Thanks to you, I'm now consistently booking $8k and up!


"The four package thing is REALLY working for us! We have been booking our second highest photo package consistently since switching! So thankful!


"If you are looking to up level your business this template follows through with that promise. First impressions are key in the wedding world!  Sending this proposal over to a prospective couple will create a sense of trust and expertise that you need to stand out in the sea of other photographers. A must have for any high-end photographer."


Completely customizable in

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Brad & Jen