Elevate your business in minutes with desktop ready Instagram story templates!

We know the dilemma - hours spent pondering the perfect post, wrestling with design apps on a tiny screen, and sifting through endless, uninspiring templates.

With the opportunity we have to reach couples, their families, and all the vendors who played a part of making the day so beautiful, your stories and posts need to be a hit. Yet, for most photographers, they miss that golden window to connect from bad apps and decision fatigue.

In 2023, stories are one of Instagram's most engaging features


Desktop-friendly: No need to fumble on small screens or struggle with mobile apps.

Hassle-free customization: Drag-and-drop your images, tweak the text, and voila!

A diverse library of template designs that resonate with the wedding theme

We built the templates with you in mind

Customizable Covers 

Covers can be customized for blog, story, or gallery announcements and offer a wide variety of styles and sizes for your text!

Inspired by Fine Art Photo Books

*images provided by Library of Congress + Brad's archive of family photographs

Easy to Use Testimonials

build desire from your audience through social proof

Choose from collages, film borders, and so many more!