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We wanted to host a landing page for you where you could find all of our essentials for not just running, but growing and sustaining a thriving small business! From gear to software, business to books, consider this your go-to resource for making sh** happen!

We’re husband & wife photographers, parents, and friends who are joyfully leading wedding creatives and sharing the journey of running a thriving business. Here are a few of our must-haves and favorite tools!

Trade guesswork for growth. Watching some of our free workshops 👇

Disclaimer: while we do receive a very small referral fee should you choose to purchase any of the items from the links, 100% of these thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Pricing guide

6 FIGURE Discovery call script



Instagram story templates


instagram post templates


A wedding fully edited within minutes is impressive, of course...but what sets Imagen apart is that it produces results exactly how WE would edit. This saves us hours of time and the emotional toil of choosing a preset and, in turn, allows us to serve our clients with faster turnarounds, consistent images, and confidence. Imagen is the most powerful tool in our business and we are proud to be ambassadors of this incredible brand!

the most powerful tool in our business

Track messages, build frequently written email templates, schedule emails - this is Gmail on steroids!

GMAIL on steroids

Virtual to-do list that connects team members, videos, and more! This has been crucial for keeping our team up to date and organized! 


From automating your entire workflow, sending payment reminders, creating a seamless client experience, and keeping things organized, Dubsado will give you back your life.

Our favorite CRM

Let's Talk Worklow

Instagram Planning 101 - Create folders of content based on subject matter, strategize, sit back and let PLANN auto post to your feed!

Free Trial + $10 Credit


Pinterest is the hidden gem of social media (lesser known fact: it’s actually a search engine) and Tailwind helps us stay on top posting content while we’re sleeping.

Free Trial


Design anything, drag and drop style. no tech or design skills required. One of the best tools we’ve used (and it integrates with PLANN!)

Free Credit with Sign Up!


Another Instagram automation and planning tool for staying consistent and in front of your audience.

10 Free Posts with Sign Up



An Endless Pursuit // Bernadette

"This has reached every branch of our lives which has been SO good. It's been the most significant work we've done in our business in 10 years. It's unlocked something in our soul."

Reese & Renee

It's such a shift in mindset which has resulted in increased confidence & freedom in how I shoot + increased confidence in what I offer and propose to couples. Which of course means, I've made way more income.

Abigail Whistler

My husband HAS BEEN ABLE TO QUIT HIS JOB!!!! People need to know because it’s just worth everything. It’s changed our lives and we are both asking ourselves questions we never thought we would.

Kind words from our coaching & course clients

Why we switched from Canon after 13 years


When we switched in August of 2023 we received TONS of DMs asking why were jumping ship. Here's what we shared to our stories and why it's important to talk openly about buying camera gear.

Drag and drop features, professional layouts, and the quickest website launch tool in the game. 

Website builder with domains, hosting, design, and more - GET ONE MONTH FREE!


The best hosting in the game with the friendliest customer service…because let’s be honest… you’ll need it. 

Website Hosting


Email marketing tools & automation. We’re still getting the hang of this one, but we’re loving it so far!



Website Tools

From bookkeeping to payroll, cash flow management to tax strategy, Adam and his team have changed our lives. They guide us in structuring our business to save on tax money, set up easy payroll, prep our taxes, and ultimately give us such peace of mind in what had always a been a stress point in our business.

90-day free trial & initial tax plan when you mention “Brad & Jen” as referral!

Scan receipts effortlessly, eliminate clutter, have them ready for tax season! The app also reads your scans so you can easily search dates, vendors, etc.



Automatic mileage tracking that translates to comprehensive records of your drives. Pair this with your end-of-year tax prep and SAVE MONEY. Last year alone this automatically tracked a year’s worth of business miles resulting in a $4,698 deduction on our taxes!

ResultS in a ~$5,000 deduction EVERY YEAR!




Communication Tools


Record your screen, share it immediately. We use this to teach clients how to order prints, choose images for albums, train our employees, and more. We LOVE it.


Walkie talkie style communication with our team members, clients, and more. A little clunky but so powerful!


In-house communication tool where we organize conversations by topic, share files, and get work DONE. We could not operate with out this app. 

Build a wedding album in 10 minutes or less with this drag and drop program! Seriously so easy!


Turn your keyboard into an editing machine. Assign keys as custom shortcuts to presets, tools, and edits! IN-CRED-IBLE!!


Your backup BFF. Make an exact duplicate from one hard drive to another with the click of a button. This program has saved us time, energy, and peace of mind in our workflow! 


Like Smart Albums, but for blogs! Drag, drop, and design an entire blog in 10 minutes or less AND auto publish to your website!



Where We Retreat

Spindrift House

The best damn house in the heart of 30A. We love coming here in the late spring before the temps rise. Seaside, Watercolor, or Rosemary Beach…every little town is perfect for taking a deep breath and letting the kids roam free.

Panhandle dream house

The Treehouse

Our first retreat was here in the misty mountain tops of Monteagle, TN. This is a no frills cabin surrounded by nothing - the perfect place to deep dive, rest, and connect. 

Deep dive, rest, connect

House & Sanctuary

Truly the best slew of rentals in and around the Nashville area. The home interiors are designed by Holly Williams (White Mercantile) and inspire the perfect space for a creative retreat. 

minutes from nashville

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